Pre-operative physical in Plano, Texas

Dr. Isaac Z. Pugach, M.D. performs pre-operative physicals and pre-op clearances in Dallas area.  He is board-certified in Internal Medicine, and has performed hundreds of pre-operative evaluations, including preop physicals for cosmetic surgery, such as breast implants, BBL, and liposuction.  These preop evaluations are done prior to surgical procedures, including cosmetic surgery, to make sure that patient is healthy enough to go through anesthesia and surgery, and they are usually requested by the surgeon.     After the evaluation, if medical history, physical exam, bloodwork, and medical testing show no high risk conditions, the surgeon and the patient are given a green light to proceed.
The testing performed for most pre-operative evaluations typically includes complete blood count (CBC), metabolic panel (CMP or BMP), and, depending on age, an electrocardiogram (EKG/ECG).  Additional testing might be requested by the surgeon, and may  include blood clotting labs (PT/INR and PTT), urine analysis (UA and urine culture), chest x-ray (CXR), HIV screening, pregnancy testing, hepatitis screening, or other tests.
What to bring and what to expect:

• Bring all pre-op physical forms and orders that were given to you by the surgeon.  You can also email them to us before your visit.

• Typically, the surgeon will want certain blood tests done: you can have the blood drawn at our office, or bring the lab report with you for the pre-op physical.

• Most of the time, the surgical clearance will be given after the exam and bloodwork.  If certain abnormalities are found, the surgery might be delayed to address the increased risks.
The purpose of the pre-operative physical is to rule out high risk conditions that that will endanger the patient during surgery and during the recovery process.  Such conditions include heart disease, high blood pressure, anemia, abnormal blood clotting, sleep apnea, difficult airway and others.  The physician may order additional tests to determine the risk of surgery.
Pre-operative physical - Plano, Texas

Call our office at 972-792-7777 to schedule a pre-operative physical examination or if you any questions about it.  We are located in Plano, near Richardson.  Other areas that are close to us include Allen, North Dallas, Allen, McKinney, Garland, and North DFW.

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Dr. Isaac Z. Pugach, M.D.

Isaac Z. Pugach, M.D.

Isaac Z. Pugach, M.D.
Dr. Isaac Z. Pugach, M.D.